Picture this. Your manager comes to you and asks, can you squeeze in some extra work before the big deadline?

You want to be a team player, and impress upper management, but you are not sure you can actually pull it off.

You tell your manager Sure thing, I can get that done no problem!

Of course, what you are doing is not wrong, however, you can be establishing a new expectation without even realizing it.

The next time a last-minute ask or change in requirements surfaces, your manager will assume you can rise to the occasion because you did…

The tech industry is great at a lot of things, but instilling confidence is not always one of them.

If you are struggling with feeling comfortable in your place in the software industry, let me tell you this: You are smart enough.

Do you like coding? You are smart enough.

Do you enjoy CSS? You are smart enough.

Do you write bugs? You are smart enough.

Do you make mistakes? You are smart enough.

The software industry is not like what you see on NCIS.

There are so many different niches in this industry and it is not possible for…

Okay, you have decided to start looking for a new job.

Admittedly, this is a process that people are not too fond of, generally speaking.

While I am pretty certain that I can not convince you to thoroughly enjoy the job searching process, I can share a method I have used multiple times in my previous job searches that has made the process feel much more organized and productive.

It all starts with a spreadsheet.

Create a ledger of your progress

First, create a new spreadsheet and title it My Job Search Journey.

Next, I suggest you create six-column headers:


A pretty obvious one, but a…

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It’s Wednesday, January 6th, 2021.

Donald Trump still thinks his loss of the popular vote is merely a fantasy.

He has done nothing but spread lies and hatred to his supporters.

Violence has erupted yet again because of his words.

Protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol building during session.

They have been met with tolerance by the Police.

When George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others were murdered at the hands of the Police, peaceful protesters took to the streets to practice their First Amendment. This time, they were shot with rubber bullets and tear-gassed relentlessly.

The police did nothing to protect American citizens.

Look at them today.

Racial injustice is real.

White supremacy is real.

Together, we can stand against this vile administration.

Learn more about ways you can help.

In the modern-day, it is increasingly difficult to find a lengthy period of time without distractions.

Email, text messages, phone calls, and chat applications usually take the top prize in the time-soaking department.

Now, if you manage to escape one of the common distractions mentioned above, there is another threat to productivity.


Let me clarify, unnecessary meetings.

For many, having a calendar full of meetings has become the norm, we are forced to cram any amount of real work we can in between these blocks of time.

I believe there is a way to combat these distractions in a…

I recently shared my thoughts on preparing for an interview as a software developer, and while I was in the process of writing that post, I could not help but revisit earlier interview experiences.

I still remember the first phone screen interview I did, and now I reflect on how unprepared I was, and how blissfully unaware I was as well.

The common complaint

One of the most common complaints in the tech industry today is that interviews are too unpredictable, and to an extent, I agree.

But, I do think that is an element of the interview process you can use to…

I have spent about 4 years in the software development industry, and in that time I noticed that working from home has become a bit of a taboo topic.

Some people love it, some hate it, some are completely indifferent.

What “Work from home” is supposed to be

The idea is pretty simple. Folks work from the comfort of their home, connect with their coworkers via Slack, Teams, etc, and collaborate using a slew of modern software.

The idea is that this saves time by avoiding a pesky commute, in-office watercooler chat, and various other time wasters.

On paper this sounds great, right? Who doesn’t want to save…

I was never one of those kids that enjoyed or had much interest in playing team sports. The only exception being a brief stint of flag football in the 3rd grade and street hockey in the 4th grade.

I did enjoy skateboarding for a few years too — but that was a bit different.

It was my girlfriend (now wife) that would periodically urge me to start following hockey. She said there was a lot about the sport she thought I would enjoy, even as someone who didn’t really get sports for most of my life.

After a few years…

Success is a funny word.

It can drive someone completely insane or make them feel completely at peace.

If you asked five different people what they consider success to be, you would probably get five different answers.

I think that is a good thing though. I consider the meaning and pursuit of success to be an art form, unique to every single person on the planet.

I am willing to bet, that over the years your taste in any form of art (photography, illustration, music, movies, books, etc) has changed. …

For most, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in their life.

That statement would be accurate for me as well.


I experienced long periods of time with high levels of anxiety and uncertainty.

Like most folks, I experienced isolation for 9+ months.

Another shared experience and pain point for many were holidays and birthdays, most of those were spent without loved ones and friends.


Although this year was weird and uncomfortable in many ways, it taught me a lot about the impact and importance that family and friends have in my life.

That might sound overly cliche

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